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Reinvention in the New Paradigm Master Class

Apollonia Keys

Apr 15, 2022

A personal lifestyle and professional development reinvention formula using Gene Keys DNA, Spiritual Intelligence & Conscious Branding principles.


Unlock the Codes to your Greatest Gifts Through the Gene Keys DNA

More about Apollonia Keys

Join International Speaker and Wellbeing Lifestyle & Brand Reinvention Specialist Apollonia “Keys” Martinez for this Master Class in Tulum, Mexico….

Apollonia is a futurist who fuses spirituality and personal development in the corporate and entertainment worlds. She has supported high-level hospitality executives, celebrities, and athletes in developing a more balanced lifestyle while operating in extreme volume environments.

A former nightlife hospitality professional, Apollonia “Keys” Martinez (formally known as Anne-Marie), has two decades of experience in the international luxury hospitality & entertainment industry with a reputation for creating DNA branded concepts and hosting red carpet events.

Learn to take your years of personal experiences and professional skills and weave them with your passions to reinvent yourself and your business in this new paradigm.

We all have an internal guide. The being. The spirit. The one that pulls at you and whispers “Listen to me. I know what we need”. Many times we ignore our calling because we are scared or not ready. Eventually the whisper becomes a roar and we are forced to make the changes we have been ignoring.

How many times have you ignored the call? What is stopping you from connecting?

This 90-minute master class is intended to create conscious connection with your self and your soul purpose in order to develop a new brand image and intuitive business model that serves you and the greater good. We will use our Gene Keys DNA profile designed to help you discover your creative gifts and get insight that aligns with your values, desires and the greater good.

This is the time to create something new and really show up for yourself and others. There is a force of nature pulling at your heart, asking you to take an introspective look so you can awaken and transform into the highest version of yourself— one of more profound knowledge and understanding doing what you love and have always dreamed of doing.

It is time for your evolution!

In this workshop You will:

  • Gain insight on what motivates you and why

  • Receive Gene Keys Unique Profile

  • Learn to connect on a deeper level so you can connect with others and create

  • Strengthen your personal foundation and beliefs

  • Create new rituals and regimens that feed your soul

  • Learn to create inspirational mood boards

  • Develop heart lead leadership skills

  • Enhance your spiritual practice

  • Intuitive decision making practices

  • Conscious Branding Principles

  • Slow living ethos approach

  • Enhance your image and overall brand “You got style”

  • Effectively communicate who you are with confidence “Imposter Syndrome”

  • Authentic messaging through the “Allow me to reintroduce myself” model

  • Motivation to take inspired action

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